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An owner of about 120 rental units had bedbugs/cockroaches in every single one of his units. He was paying over $7,500/month in pest control for the last 2 years. He switched to us, his monthly cost is less than $1,000/month and now he doesn’t have cockroach/bedbug issues in over 95% of his units.

A client had over 100,000 cockroaches in a rental unit that the previous tenant trashed, we got rid of all of them within 2 weeks with 1 visit for $50. This isn’t always the case but I am incredibly proud of our work on this one.

A property manager was able to save over 75% on her extermination bill and get way more service and results than she was getting before.

A client that has been dealing with ants for 2 years at $900/year with another company had their ant problem solved in 2 weeks with only $50 to us.


We established early in 2018. Originally located in North Salt Lake, we moved to Provo in 2019 because we outgrew our previous location.

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