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Dragon Fury Pest Control is an all in one pest management center offering a wide variety of solutions to free homes and businesses of unwanted pests. We provide customized treatments for all sorts of pests including bed bugs, rodents, mosquitos, etc. We charge a flat $50 for our services while providing a 3-month warranty.

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Full-Service Pest Exterminators in Provo, UT 

We are a promising solution against pest infestations that contaminate your home or commercial building. We exterminate insects, spiders, rodents, mammals, and certain plants. Our team will visit houses and commercial buildings to kill various types of pests. Our trusted experts are licensed and use top of the line insecticides, traps, rodenticides, and herbicides to free your place inside and out of unwanted troubles. Call our pest exterminators today and put an end to everything that’s bugging your home!

Here are a few of our services

Ants Infestation

Ant Extermination

Use our advanced solutions to permanently get rid of ants that form their colonies in nearby yards or even inside homes.

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Pest Control

Insect Removal

Prevent and expel disease-causing insects and bugs that contaminate your home and outdoors.

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Commercial Pest Control

Rodent Control

We determine the optimum way to prevent intruding rodents from coming back and compromising the hygiene of your place.

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Pest Spraying

Bed Bug Removal

Choose one of our effective customized bed bug treatment options to eliminate bed bugs from your home for good!

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About Us

We established our company early in 2018. Originally located in North Salt Lake, we moved to Provo in 2019 because we outgrew our previous location. We’re Owner-Operated and we like to work with our hands. Our true passion is humanitarian work (Which is a little different than our extermination work!) and we’re using our Pest Control company to fuel that passion. The better we make our company, the more customers we have, the more profits we can acquire, the more resources we have to help other people. We knew if we created the best Pest Control company, our goals of humanitarian work would be obtainable. We are members of BNI and the South Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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Meet the Owners

Benjamin Painter

Benjamin Painter

I started in pest control years ago working as a technician. I grew up in California and went on a 2-year LDS mission to Nebraska. My background in Chemistry, Martial Arts, and Electrical gives me a competitive edge. I love doing Pest Control and I find great joy in making my customers happy. I take business very personally and strive to give my clients the best treatment I possibly can. In my spare time, I love snowboarding, skydiving, and making chocolate. I have 2 dogs, Molly and Jason, who I love very much.

Justin Howell

Justin Howell

I started in pest control years ago working on farms in Central Utah. Although I was born in Alaska, I grew up in New Mexico and Utah. I also served a 2-year LDS mission in Nebraska, which is where Benjamin and I became friends. My background in Welding, Farming, and Hunting gives me an advantage in extermination work. I am a hard worker and I believe in being honest and fair to every person I interact with. I love making and building things, computer programming, and learning new things.

Commercial Pest Control

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We established early in 2018. Originally located in North Salt Lake, we moved to Provo in 2019 because we outgrew our previous location.

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